Is Solo leveling anime confirmed? Big News incoming


Solo leveling anime trailer is released unexpectedly made the fans surprised.

Solo leveling anime trailer release

It’s just the beginning of 2022 and the news is released of the Solo leveling anime adaptation. Solo leveling is one of the best novels written was just officially finished its journey and the release of anime adaptation just began a new one. They won’t sit easily and just give interesting updates back to back.

~This is not leveling solo anymore.

Solo levelig official teaser

Teaser description says

Level up alone x The Boyz Solo Leveling x THE BOYZ 💿 2022.02 OST release 💿 🔥 The legend is… Continued 🔥 Go to 『Level Up Alone』 👉 up alone#nahonrep#SoloLeveling#OST#ECHO#theboyz#THEBOYZ#TBZ#Nahonrep OST#Jang Seong-Rak#red ice studio#chugong#hyungun#DNC Webtoon Biz

Solo Leveling Novel

NovelSolo Leveling
Written byChu-Gong
Release dateFeb 14, 2014
Serialized onPapyrus
Webtoon serializationKakaopage
Drawn byGi So-Ryeong & Jang Sung-Rak
Total chapters179 chapters

Novel Premise

The world where some humans possess extraordinary abilities are called as Hunters. These hunters fights monsters in dungeons to keep safe for normal humans to live the life with peace and harmony. In this world a hunter – Sung Jinwoo – popularly called as ‘World’s Weakest Hunter’ is trapped inside a very high ranked dungeon where his most of the team is dead and struggles to survive. With lots of scars, bruises and one leg is cut he somehow survives the dungeon. But when he wakes up in the hospital, he found his body intact as good as new. Later he finds out that he recieved a double awakening. He is in a same world but trapped in a game-like thing where he plays which calls itself as ‘System’.

It is a story about how a weakest hunter saves the world and makes the world a better place with peace and harmony. With lots of awesome characters and level ups, Solo Leveling proves itself as one of the kind. Solo Levelig is highly recommended to read for motivation and fun.

solo leveling dungeon

What Crisp says

Solo Leveling is one of the best Manhwas ever made and is a masterpiece. The storyline runs around how the world’s weakest can save the world. The story with one of the best and overpowered main protagonist. Every page of the manhwa is filled with awesome art and is just amazing to the eyes.

In the end, Solo Leveling is worth a watch No Cap.

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